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The shocking moment a wheelchair-bound man claiming to be a former soldier launched into a racist tirade against a New Yorker for speaking Spanish to his mother has been captured on camera.Hector Torres, a 44-year-old from Brooklyn, was waiting for a flight in Reno Airport in Nevada when he was speaking to his mother on the phone.

Torres said he tried to ignore Mike's comments while he was on the phone with his mother before he started recording, but one set him off.'Trump is going to fix this.You know, jump out of my chair and get on the ground or stay in my chair? 'There's no way he could maneuver himself through this. You know, beer cans and trash, all sort of stuff was on the ground but we were able to push through that,' Loy said.Once she got Cook to safety, the nurse set about making tourniquets with t-shirts and performing CPR on the injured.It may be true that your interests are 69, anal, ass, bikini babes, masturbating, porn, vaginas and the beach.But only one of those things should be listed on your internet dating profile.

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Also, your photos send a message beyond “me IRL.” They reflect your taste and your judgment.

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